Valentine's Day Self Love Ritual
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Valentine's Day Self Love Ritual on The Terri Cole Show

Valentine’s Day Self Love Ritual

Valentine's Day Self Love Ritual on The Terri Cole ShowYou may have noticed, I changed the name of the show to The Terri Cole Show! Even though the name is different, I’m still talking all about love!

This week is Valentine’s Day, which for many people can be disappointing or depressing. Do you secretly hate it a little bit?

I’m excited to introduce to you a new ritual that you can adopt into your life, so you can use Valentine’s Day as a reason to love on yourselves.

I think this ritual will help you flex your self love muscle and make your relationship with Valentine’s Day AWESOME.

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“If your life is very very jam packed to the point where you feel like your schedule is running you rather than you running your schedule, I want you to stop and think about why. Why is that the case?” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What is a self love ritual
  • Why journaling is important
  • How to make Valentine’s Day great
  • What is a Zen Den
  • Why self love is important
  • What gift will you give yourself?

“I want you to really understand that you are constantly setting the bar for all of the relationships in your life.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“When we raise our own vibration around love, around kindness, around self love, basically we are raising the vibration of the world.” – Terri Cole

Terri Cole
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