Love Meditation


21 Day: More Love Meditation Series (mp3 format)

Seeking more love, acceptance, and understanding in your life?

Being loving to yourself and others isn’t always easy. You can get stuck ruminating on mistakes you’ve made in the past and painful messages (often from childhood) can create beliefs that there is something wrong with you that needs to be “fixed” for you to be worthy of love. You may also be repeating dysfunctional patterns in love that you learned long ago. You can uncover your truth and learn a new way of being in a relationship that brings you joy. The only part that needs fixing is the idea that you aren’t worthy of wonderful, magical over the moon love.

The more you give to yourself the more incredible your life can become. During these 21 days, we will focus on specific actions you can take to become a magnet for an abundance of love in your life.

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Sample Track: Open the Door to Possiblities


01 Open the Door to Possibilities

02 Letting Go of the Past

03 Share the Love

04 Prioritize Your Pleasure

05 Speak Kindly

06 Find the Joy

07 Body Love

08 Dating You

09 The Power of No

10 Body Wisdom

11 Personal Power

12 Find Your Tribe

13 Celebrate You

14 Make Room for Love

15 Believe

16 See It

17 Speak It

18 Live It

19 You then Us

20 Shine Your Light

21Allow Love


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