More Love Meditation Series – Digital Album

More-Love-Cover-Art 21 Tracks Whether you’re single and looking for your beloved, in a relationship or just want more love and joy in your life, these 21 tracks over 21 days will help you form new neuropathways and uncover your truth to learn a new way of being in a relationship. The only part that needs fixing is the idea that you aren’t worthy of wonderful, magical over the moon love.

The more you give to yourself the more incredible your life can become. During these 21 days we will focus on specific actions you can take to become a magnet for an abundance of love in your life.

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Meditation Integration – Digital Album

MI-CoverArt 21 Tracks + 21 Quick Tips I am so excited to offer you a sure fire way to create and support a meditation practice with the 21 Day Meditation Integration. You may tell yourself you are too busy to meditate or you have the desire but don’t know how to start. I used to feel the same way and struggled for years to create a practice. Which is why I designed the 21-day experience, starting off with a five-minute meditation and gradually increasing to twenty-minutes by the last day. I will be guiding you every step of the way so you can’t do it wrong. You can choose to follow the 21 days of the course in an orderly daily fashion or you can select whichever one speaks to you and fit it into your available time frame. I chose to record 21 days because that is the minimum amount of time required to lay down the foundation for a new habit. This program is built to support a sustainable daily practice. To accompany each of the 21 meditations, there is a quick tip on relevant topics such as how to incorporate mantras, mudras (specific hand positions), breath work, intentions and so much more to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your meditation practice.

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Meditation Transformation CD

Meditation-CD Tracks (total length 55 min 17 sec)
1. Daily Energizing 6:55
2. Forgiveness to Freedom 6:00
3. Calm in the Storm 8:38
4. Healing 7:52
5. Meditation Vacation 8:41
6. Manifest into Sleep 10:30
7. Mini Grounding 2:03
8. Mini Release 1:55
9. Mini Relaxation 2:43
Imagine starting your day relaxed and connected to the pure potential of life. Visualize taking 10 minutes out of your tight schedule to calibrate your mood and set your intention. What if you could release long held grievances, take a mental vacation anytime, and create balance? What if you could float through your day knowing everything will fall into place with ease and grace? Well now you can! Meditation Transformation is designed for your busy life. Each track is uniquely inspired to support you living your best life NOW by harnessing the power of your mind to create your own transformation. Whether you are new to meditation or have a dedicated practice, these guided meditations make it easy and accessible. Listening regularly will help you create an internal zen den – the source of present moment awareness and manifesting the life of your dreams. [/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Buy Now Buttons” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left”]

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I dedicate this CD to all of the clients I have worked with over the past two decades. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Special Thanks to Michael Whalen, David Laundra, and to my amazing husband, Victor, who all helped in the making of this CD. It was such a treat to collaborate with all of you on this project.

Super Special Thank You to the Joan, Frankie and Ariana Grande whose busy lives and big careers inspired me to record mini meditations for them to do on the go, which was the beginning of this project. <3

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Cover Art Illustrated by Victor Juhasz Music Performed, Produced, and Mixed by: Michael Whalen Recorded at: Manhattan North Studios, NYC Mastered by: Ian Kennedy “For over 20 years, people all over the world have used my music for meditation, yoga, and relaxation. I have heard from hundreds of people how they have created their daily practices around my music. Then, here comes Terri Cole with this project providing me an opportunity to create music to her voice. It was just like composing a movie score – telling a story and creating a day in someone’s life. Wonderful. What an opportunity to make a difference. I have thoroughly enjoyed this project.” Michael Whalen is a two-time Emmy® Award winning composer, music supervisor, recording artist and producer.



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