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Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert and master coach. She has inspired and guided thousands of women, over the past two decades, to be truly empowered in their relationships and to attract more, better and healthier love into their lives. And now, it's your turn! Get a taste of the Real Love Revolution - for free - by joining the waiting list!


All are welcome to join our powerful group of women on one transformational journey to create and attract more REAL love in your life. It all starts with YOU!

And, along the way,

I’ll be sharing some incredible gifts

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Single? Married? Complicated?


This program is a combination of powerful tools and strategies from the worlds of psychology, coaching, and spirituality to teach you how to attract and fuel healthy, real love, in your life.  

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 10-week program, beginning April 4, 2018. 


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