“I first sat beside her in a restaurant and immediately sensed her powerful, positive, radiating energy! Since then, it’s been one of my life’s great joys to know Terri Cole and marvel at her unique and effective approach to helping others transform their lives. She is the coach you want on your journey to becoming who you’re meant to be!”

Debbie Phillips
Founder, Women on Fire®

“Whenever I run headlong into a maelstrom I now stop and ask myself, “What would Terri say?” That is how much she has taught me about handling crisis, emotional upheaval or a simple daily frustration. She gives sound advice with practical application that enables me to grow and understand myself and others daily. I often refer my acting students to her for advice and counsel. I have seen her work profoundly change the lives of many. She walks her talk, and now you can too! Hello, Freedom!”

Linda Laundra
Writer, Television Director, Acting Coach

“Terri Cole’s honesty, accessibility, and humor makes her site a go-to for my clients and friends who are ready to step beyond their limiting beliefs to embrace a complete transformation in all areas of their lives. As a sober coach and woman in recovery, I believe that recovery from all addictions is the process of becoming fearless. Terri’s wisdom, experience, and insight always provide graceful and practical solutions to help move anyone through their fears and into healing.
Terri Cole is my number one go to for client’s ready to move beyond their limiting beliefs and into self-transformation and Freedom.”

Patty Powers
Speaker, Author, Sober Coach, Shadow Addiction Expert

“Terri Cole is a one of the best psychotherapists I know. She has the ability to laser in to the root of an issue and with grace and humor guide you to a new and better perspective. Her therapeutic approach is one of a kind and has been my key go to in my own personal life. I adore Terri Cole and recommend her highly to anyone looking for radical positive shifts in their life.”

Christine Gutierrez
Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach

“Terri is one of Positively Positive’s top bloggers. Every week she offers advice and insights that spark transformation in our millions of readers. She also takes the time to respond to the people who ask questions… because she TRULY CARES. Terri has become a close friend and mentor. Anytime I am in need of advice (both personally and professionally) she always seems to have the right answer. She has saved my butt on several occasions to date! Terri is the best and I am very lucky to have met her!”

Eric Handler
Co-founder of

“Terri is a rare and incredibly effective mix of a clinical psychotherapist, a gifted intuitive and a results driven coach. She has the uncanny ability to get to the root cause of one’s stress within minutes, and offer easy, practical ways to create positive changes. I have witnessed the incredible growth of clients we share and have been wowed by her laser sharp and effective coaching in seminars she’s led. She is also my go to when I am having trouble figuring out the root of what’s bothering me. Sign up for her newsletter and start your own transformation today!”

Lara Ann Riggio
Owner, The Lara Touch Studio, NYC

“Terri is someone I turn to when I need some straightforward no BS advice. She was a major support to me at a time when I felt lost about how to handle a very challenging business situation. At a time when I could have made some very negative choices, she helped me stay true to myself and on the ‘high road.’ Terri has great strategies to teach you for when the Sh*t hits the fan!”

Patricia Moreno
Founder of Intensati, International Fitness Expert, Author, Speaker

“Terri Cole is my one-two punch of transformation. From business to love, I bring the biggest, baddest issues to her. I know that she will always deliver whip-smart, illuminating, and practical advice. I’ve experienced huge shifts from my meditation and conversations with Terri Cole. Working with her has not only empowered me, but brought major freedom where I formerly felt stuck.”

Tali Edut
Owner of, Astrologer for, TV Guide, Co-Author of Love Zodiac, Momstrology and more

“It’s liberating just to be in Terri’s presence simply because she accepts herself. I mean all of herself, from the vulnerable and wounded bits to the super-power-magical gifts. Terri exudes the radical truth that we have nothing to prove and no one to impress. We don’t earn love; it’s our birthright. Terri embodies the essence of the freedom we reclaim when we remember that we are love- flawed and astoundingly human as we are- even still- only love is real.”

Meggan Watterson
Author, Speaker, Spiritual Misfit

“Terri is my go to girl for solutions. She has the unique ability to quickly cut through the crap, using kindness and humor, to identify the blocks preventing you from living to your highest potential. Join her community and watch your life change.”

Dina Manzo
The Real Housewives of New Jersey, HGTV Host, creator of Project Ladybug and Designer Affair

“Any time I’m stuck on an issue in my life and I have a conversation with Terri, I walk away with fresh insights and super practical solutions. Terri’s whip smart, absolutely hilarious, and one of the kindest, most caring, generous people I’ve ever met. Having her in my inner circle is like having hit the friend jackpot.”

Kate Northrup
Bestselling author of Money: A Love Story

“Terri is the real deal. Her holistic strategy for creating personal freedom, considers the whole person. Her proven approach combines the best of Eastern and Western philosophies and produces real results. She is one to follow!”

Dr. Frank Lipman
Integrative Doctor, Best Selling Author, Wellness Expert


“Four days after implementing Terri’s Hello, Freedom Blueprint for Daily Living, I booked the Broadway show that had been eluding me for 3 years!! I am a believer!”

James Tabeek
Broadway Actor

“Terri’s Hello, Freedom principles inspired lasting change in my life and career. I was successful when we met but am now actually living my dream in London and see no limits to what I will create! Thank you Terri!!”

Lori Fox
Broadway Actress

“In the middle of a successful Broadway run, I was injured, and it looked like major surgery was imminent. Using the tools I learned in the Success Simplified group helped me create an alternate solution. A year and a half later, I am working steadily with no surgery in sight. It is what you say it is, and I say it works!”

Allison Case
Broadway and Film Actress (who originated role of Crissy in Broadway’s Hair Revival)

“Working with Terri expanded my ideas of what was possible and resulted in the creation of my own business Armour Beauty. My personalized Blueprint for Daily Living kept me on track while learning to control my ‘Mafia’, or fear, mind, which gave me the courage to make my dreams a reality. I learned to take my success in the music and fashion world and utilize it in my passion for empowering women. Terri always said, “You have the magic, Theo. I am just holding up the mirror!’ Now, I know this is true for all who believe because I am living proof. Thank you, Terri!”

Theo Kogan Singer
(Luna Chicks), Songwriter, Model, Actress, Rockin’ Entrepreneur

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