Are You a Martyr? - Terri Cole
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Are You a Martyr?

Let’s talk this week about the idea of playing a martyr.

Do you do things and then get angry that you did them? Do you constantly remind people of your sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears, and everything you have given up for them? Be honest. Or, maybe you have a mother who does this? (Relax Mom I am not implying anything!)

This week, your challenge is to do only what you can do for others with love and equanimity. No reminding or dramatic sighing, please. Only do favors or generous deeds that light up your heart.

Remember, no one owes you anything for what you decide to do.

I’m interested in what thoughts are regarding “martyrdom” and if you actually did the challenge. Share your comments with us!

I hope you have an amazing week, free from guilt & guilt-ing!

Love Love Love

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