About - Terri Cole
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I am a licensed psychotherapist

and transformation coach.

I am a wife, mom, sister,

daughter, change maker.

Well hello!

I am so happy you are here… because YOU are IT for me!


You’re the reason I do what I do. I am mesmerized by your potential and your willingess to grow, change and work to create relationships and a life that thrills you. A little bit about my journey to HERE. Before earning a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychotherapy from New York University and adopting a daily meditation/green juice/exercise lifestyle, I worked as a talent agent for actors and supermodels. I was your typical Type A overachiever with zero balance and no internal peace. My ambition and fearless attitude fanned the “must get to the top” flames as I zipped across the country from Los Angeles to New York City fueled by caffeine, nicotine, and adrenalin. (I was shocked to discover that espresso is not a food group!)


When it became evident that the things (money, power, sexy job) that I thought would make me happy didn’t, I could no longer ignore the voice in my heart asking, “Isn’t there something more meaningful you could be doing with your life than making supermodels richer?”


Happily, there was.


I met and married my wonderful hubs, Vic, around the same time that I started my therapy practice over two decades ago. What I learned in the trenches with my clients informed and continues to inspire the work I do today. My mission and dharma is teaching women how to attract and sustain healthy, vibrant, Real Love into their lives and how to establish and maintain effective boundaries with ease and grace.


I feel honored to guide you on this journey to your most empowered, liberated and happy life!


Press features

Terri has been featured in industry and mainstream media and is a regular contributor to …..