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It’s what we all want and how we are meant to live.

Yet so often, material success and the things we think will create the freedom we crave, don’t.

So let’s focus our energy on what will.

Here you will learn strategies and tools to create real Freedom by identifying and transforming the fear based, limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Fear is the opposite of Freedom (and a tricky bastard).

After earning- what I now refer to as- my PhD in Fear, I turned my pain into purpose and taught thousands of clients and students to transform their own fear into Freedom.

Now it’s your turn.
So take a deep breath, say Hello, Freedom and buckle up!
Love Love Love




Terri-Kris“Terri Cole is a powerful force of nature. She will teach you how to smash your blocks and unleash your inner fire. If you want to be fearless and free, listen to Terri. Listen very carefully.”

— Kris Carr
Bestselling Author, Activist, Cancer Thriver

Terri-Danielle“Some of us are natural IDENTIFIERS, like Terri Cole. Cole’s a psychotherapist-coach, and, as my mother would say, Terri can “shoot bullshit out of the air.” Lucid, like wow. She can look at a relationship dynamic, or a business structure, or a repeating pattern and bam, fwam, shazam, she can tell you what’s really going on in one sentence, in one minute. And she does it freely, anytime of the day, with anyone who’s ready for it.”

— Danielle LaPorte
Author, Speaker, Publisher, Fire Starter, Creator of Desire Map


Always Late? 3 Tools to Quit it Now!

Always Late? 3 Tools to Quit it Now!

When you’re stressing being LATE, you’re not PRESENT @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

Timeliness is an interesting concept and it seems each and every person has their own relationship to it. Some people operate on the belief that if they are not early they are late. Others somehow endlessly miscalculate the amount of time it will take to get from point A to point B. This causes stress in relationships and can sabotage promising careers.

I believe that being on time is a powerful tool that you can use to work for you. Yet I know many of you feel like you are always trying to beat the clock. Punctuality is important, though being stressed out about time, whether you are always early or constantly late, is not empowering.

Time causes many people far too much stress. As you become busier and busier in a culture filled with distractions, it may seem like you are playing a lose/lose game. Though it doesn’t have to be this way. There are small steps that every one of you can take to help change your relationship to, and your mind about, time.

1. Prepare

Taking the appropriate steps to make sure your gas tank is full, meals are made and lists are written, may be the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day. Though reminding yourself about the time you’ll save the next day can often be the perfect motivator to get through those sometimes tedious tasks. While you may not always have the time or energy to prepare, the more you practice the more of a habit preparation will become.

Chronic lateness is an easy way to SABOTAGE your DREAMS @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

2. Surrender

Certain experiences poke holes in our illusion of being in total control. Unexpected traffic, a 24 hour flu or schedule changes can happen to anyone. The sooner you learn to surrender to the ebb and flow of unexpected events, the more at ease you will be when they occur. Whether you are always late, or early, there’s not much that freaking out while sitting in a traffic jam will accomplish. Surrendering to the truth of the matter and alerting someone that you got caught up is all you can do. Consciously calming your mind and connecting to your breathe can help keep you in the present moment until you can reach your destination.

3. Show Up

Being chronically late weakens your word. Agreeing to a time and then breaking that agreement repeatedly, does not build trusting relationships. Being chronically early and still worrying about being late is stressful as well, but that behavior is less damaging to your relationships and your career. Taking an honest look at your relationship to time can spare you stress down the road. Most people who are chronically late have what Guy Winch, Ph D refers to as ‘blind spots’ that lead them to miscalculate the time it takes to actually get from point A to point B. You will allot less time if you are calculating the trip based on optimal conditions or if you are forgetting to factor in the time it takes to walk to the subway etc.

Successful people make COMMITMENTS & follow through…PERIOD @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

I am inviting you to get honest about your relationship to time and challenging you to one week of NO LATENESS! Can you do it? I think you can and if you are confused about how much time to allot for anything post a comment below and people who are not chronically late will weigh in (and me too of course!)

You matter.

And I know that you can change your mind about time if you so desire. I am here to help and look forward to hearing from you so keep me posted on your progress and as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love




*image courtesy of Sean

Are You Good with Goodbyes?

Are You Good with Goodbyes?

Being Present for Endings Prepares You 4 New Beginnings @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

We all know that nothing in life is permanent and yet that knowing does not seem to make saying goodbye any easier for most people. Whether it is a relationship, a job, or transitioning from this life to the next, this journey is a series of endings that eventually lead to beginnings. How well you negotiate and honor things endings can impact how successfully you move onto the next phase.

Life transitions are predictable changes like marriage, children, retirement etc. With each change the familiar structures that protect you and create comfort are deconstructed and you must go forward into the unknown and create a new path. These upheavals can create anxiety and test the limits of your ability to adapt. However, each life transition is also an opportunity to dive deep and learn about your inner resources and to ask yourself what you really want out of life.

Emotional Constipation can Occur if You Deny a Proper Goodbye @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

Endings are the perfect time for self-reflection that can then lead to self-renewal, gratitude for your experiences and a solid start to a new chapter of your life.

Every ENDING deserves an CONSCIOUS Goodbye @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

By taking time to honor situations and relationships that come to an end you allow yourself to experience the full spectrum of your emotions and learn what you were meant to learn. You gain clarity about what you liked and what you didn’t and perhaps what you would do differently next time. Your past processed experiences will inform the person you are becoming if you are willing to do the work.

What part of your life are you saying goodbye to? Are you transitioning from one situation to another? No matter if you are happy about this goodbye, or sad, I want to hear from you. In the comments below please share how you handle goodbyes and how I can support you.

Goodbye for now and I hope to connect with you on my FaceBook page during this week.

As always, take care of you.

Love Love Love




* image courtesy of Toni Blay

Your Body is Speaking – Are you Listening?

Your Body is Speaking – Are you Listening?

No one knows what is right for you better than YOU @Terri_Cole  {CLICK TO TWEET}

When you have a decision to make, how often do you seek the opinion and advice of others before really sitting with your own feelings about the situation?

Are you often confused about what to do next to achieve your goals?

If you are nodding your head yes, then you are not alone. When I was younger, I used to look others to tell me what was right for me until I was recovering from a cancer diagnosis and felt something not right. The doctors and the test results claimed I was cured. My inner knowing said they were wrong. My husband Vic was supportive of me finding a surgeon to remove the other half of my thyroid (even though most other people did not get it but honestly I did not care)  and when I did, there was a different, more aggressive cancer discovered. My gut instinct was right and I am obviously very grateful I trusted my feelings enough to go against the grain.

It seems that between google and wikipedia, answers appear in seconds. Our fast paced, instant gratification, virtual world tends to encourage us to live from the neck up, disconnected from our innate physical wisdom. When you have a decision to make, the fastest way to gain clarity about your next right action is to tap into your body’s wisdom.

You can’t GOOGLE your next right action. Get Silent Go Within & Listen @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

I created this Body Wisdom meditation to help you find your way within, where your answers reside. Your job is to create a little stillness and silence daily to access your inner knowing. You never know when it might just save your life.

The body never lies. ~Martha Graham via @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

All I need is within me now @intenSati via @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET} 

This week, I challenge each and every one of you to tap into your body’s wisdom as often as possible. For some of you this will be through dance or yoga, or some other kind of movement, for others perhaps you will connect through breathing. Hopefully, many of you will use this meditation to become more attuned with the messages your body has for you. In the comments below I would love to hear stories about you or someone you know who, through their body, was able to uncover life changing wisdom.

Take time this week go within, listen to your heart and as always take care of you.

Love Love Love





*image courtesy of Steven Shorrock

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